Valentine’s Day: Pledge your love for Earth with specially curated community events

New Delhi, 14th February 2020: It’s the season of love all around us, and while we celebrate our love for each other on Valentine’s Day, let’s also celebrate our love for our green Earth. Select CITYWALK, India’s favourite shopping centre and destination experience bring you “An ode to Sustainability,” a tribute to our environment and a moment for all of us to pledge our best for the planet. Apart from this green initiative, Select CITYWALK is also promoting an all-inclusive love feeling through its special video, ‘LOVE NO BOUNDARIES’ for Valentines, which is a celebration of romanticism and connection.

Select Citywalk Mall on Valentine's Day

Select CITYWALK, Pearl Academy, Delhi South, and The Filmy Owl, come together to create a unique motif of our love for Earth with an art installation made out of plastic bottles. The bottles collected by Select CITYWALK, as part of their Swach Bharat Campaign, and in an effort to minimize plastic waste have been put to good use to create a visual point for all visitors. Conceptualized by the team at Select CITYWALK, and the Filmy Owl, and lovingly executed by a creative team of students at Pearl Academy, Delhi South- this installation will stay up at Select CITYWALK all though Valentines’ weekend, from the 13th to the 16th of February.

Complementing this initiative, students from the Indian Institute of Art and Design have created photobooths made out of plastics for visitors to interact with around this weekend. These life-size installations included a plastic man of five feet, a canvas showcasing the hidden beauty of Delhi, A six-foot-tall interactive pin art game, using metallic drawing pins, and the recreation of Delhi’s iconic Qutub Minar in plastic, which is a twelve feet tall pillar made with plastic bottles and other waste material. Addressing the issue of plastic waste has been part of an on-going campaign by Select CITYWALK, which started with the elimination of plastic straws at all f&b outlets in the year 2018. In earlier efforts as well, there has been a thematic element towards sustainability on all levels. Wasteroots NGO, a social enterprise working towards greener environment initiatives & Select CITYWALK celebrated #GreenWaliDiwaliin 2018 in Select CITYWALK. For every fifty kilograms of newspapers collected, Select CITYWALK and Wasteroots NGO planted one tree in the Green Belt Area of Noida. Under the campaign, Wasteroots NGO and Select CITYWALK invited people to support the campaign by collecting old newspapers which were sent for recycling. The retail destination has also actively participated in and supported the on-going Adidas campaign to collect plastic bottles and turn them into t-shirts. Select CITYWALK and Adidas also collaborated for a grassroots level drive to raise awareness of plastic waste with active participation from school children. All the plastic bottles from the current installations will also be subsequently shared with Adidas and turned into t-shirts to minimise waste.

Walk-in, this Valentine’s weekend, and express your love for the planet. Also on the anvil is a community initiative powered by Select CITYWALK, Rupa Publications, and Delhi Book Lovers. In an encouraging initiative to read more and share more is the ‘Book Exchange Programme’ that will also run at Select CITYWALK from the 13th to the 16th of February. At this corner, people can bring old books and exchange them for a brand new book, read and share their love for their favourite writers.

If love is here, then how can love stories be far behind? Select CITYWALK also presents an exceptional video tribute of YOUNG, EXCEPTIONAL & PERIODIC love stories (Chef Kelvin & Andrea Michele, Amit Agarwal, and Ankit Chawla, Elisha Wadhwani & Vishal). The story showcases the ever-time, more than just spending time together moments of them. Capturing candid moments of togetherness, where love is in the small moments of work that compliments each other, spending time together, shopping together, a simple cup of coffee together, or working out together, which become far more interesting than just being in love.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Yogeswar Sharma, Executive Director, and CEO Select CITYWALK said, “Valentine’s Day, is an occasion to celebrate love. This year, we commemorate love in various ways…our digital campaign features real love stories of well-known couples showcasing smaller nuances of love. Our green and community initiatives pay tribute to our love for the planet. From installations with waste materials and plastic by students to a community book exchange programme to promote sustainability, this Valentine’s celebration is unlike any other.”

It’s a season of love all around, for our loved ones, for ourselves and for the planet we live on, this Valentine’s weekend at Delhi’s favourite shopping centre.

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