An ‘Elderly’ Beggar Was Shivering From The Cold On The Road, Then…

A DSP stopped his car to help a beggar in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, but the beggar turned out to be his batchmate and a police officer. After this DSP gave him his shoes and jacket. Not only this, he took her along with him and started his treatment. It is being told that DSP Ratnesh Singh Tomar and Vijay Singh Bhadoria were out on rounds after counting of by-elections in Gwalior. During this time, on the pavement road of Vatika on Jhansi Road, he saw a beggar chilling with cold. The two officers then stopped the car and rushed to talk to the beggar. During this conversation, DSP Vijay Bhadoria gave his jacket to him. During this time, both the officers came to know that the beggar is none other than Manish Mishra, an officer of his own batch.

Manish Mishra has been roaming the streets in unclaimed conditions for the last 10 years. Manish joined the police job in 1999. After this, V was posted as a Thanedar in many police stations of Madhya Pradesh. In the year 2005, he was posted as the station in-charge for the last time in Datia. After this, his mental condition continued to deteriorate. His family got him treated. Meanwhile, his wife also left him. One day Manish escaped from the eyes of his family and fled. After this, he wandered on the road and started begging. It is being told that he has been begging for almost 10 years. Both DSP friends of Manish said that they never thought that they would meet him in this condition one day.

Most of the members of Manish’s family are or have been in the police department. His brother is a Thanedar and father and uncle have also retired from the post of SSP. His sister is also in a good position in an embassy. Manish’s wife is also posted in the judicial department.

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