1 in 4 people in Delhi may have been exposed to Corona: Sero

Delhi is one of the worst affected cities by the Corona Virus in the nation. A lot of measures have been introduced by officials to curb the spread, including serosurveillance tests. A recent survey found out it might be possible that a whopping 23.8%, roughly a quarter of Delhi’s population may have been already exposed to the deadly virus.

A study was done by India’s National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to test the level of antibodies in a sample population across the city where it was observed that 23.4% of those surveyed were detected with a high level of infection-fighting antibodies. For the same, blood samples of 21,387 people were taken randomly and were tested for antibodies in the last week of June. The test, seroprevalence test is a non-diagnostic tool which is used to check for any trace or past exposure to infection. It was also observed that a large percentage among those tested were found to be asymptomatic.

It also suggests that a large section of the population may have general immunity against the virus. Another study done by a private diagnostic laboratory chain, Thyrocare, recently found out that 15% of India’s population may have developed antibodies pertaining to COVID-19. India is currently the third-worst affected nation by the pandemic.

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